Corporate Advisory and Human Resource Consultancy

Corporate Advisory and Human Resource Consultancy

The business world faces constantly changing challenges. Any business leader today will have to satisfy the demands of all its stakeholders from shareholders to employees. There will also come a time when the business is confronted with challenges which cannot be resolved within its own resources. The constraints may be due to shortage of skills, ineffective use of valuable resources, near proximity to the issue to remain objective or just simply not having enough time to solve the issue. We can step in at these times to provide our professional advice in order for your business to continue forward. We understand these issues and have focused our advisory services in 2 main areas which we label corporate improvements and human resource issues.

Corporate Improvements

CEOs are faced with different challenges everyday. On the top of their list are typically seeking corporate improvements in terms of performance and finance function effectiveness.

Maximising shareholder’s value is always key performance indicator for any business. It gets worse when the performance is not going according to plan. Overcoming this when it happen need decisive actions supported by good analysis so that your business can overcome the gap.

Finance Function Effectiveness
The finance function is often tasked with maintaining corporate governance while expected to continue to meet their ever increasing tasks in financial reporting. In today’s business environment, the finance function needs to show their value and remove their traditional tag as being a support function.

Be it performance issues, finance function effectiveness or any other business related issues, Executive Resources is ready to tailor suitable solutions for you. Instead of having us “tell you what you told us”, we will work hand in hand with you to identify and bridge your issues towards a targeted direction. As an independent party, you can be assured of our objective views on all matters which are not clouded by biased or subjective legacy.

Human Resource Issues

Managing teams of any size is always a challenge. The ability to respond to the behavioural changes of the teams and provide a fair and consistent solution is the key to the effective running of the organisation. Human Resource issues can be typically categorised into the below areas:

Compensation and Benefits
Employee morale fluctuates according to the satisfaction levels of compensation and benefits provided to them. These can be structured in many forms and will vary from organisation to organisation. What is important to management is that compensation and benefits provided must be closely in-line with market practices and remain current in order to maintain employee morale.

Recruitment and Retention
Finding an employee is the easy part, the challenge is to find the right employee and retain them for the long term. Organisations often do not have formalised plans and procedures for retaining employees, let alone be able to retain the good employees that are hired. As such, when an employee does not have a longer-term view of the possible direction of their career path, morale and productivity eventually drops.

Learning and Development
The world today is a much smaller world connected by ever improving technology and fast changing demands. It is therefore vital that employees are kept up to date on changes relevant to the business, so that they are able to respond to the changes of the market and demands by customers.

Executive Resources

At Executive Resources, we understand the complexities of managing behavioural demands from employees and have ready up-to-date solutions to cater to those demands which can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. We also provide employee assessment & profiling tools and services for your HR challenges. Specific training programmes can also be tailored to meet targeted learning objectives. As an independent party, we will be able to see the issues from a fresh perspective and be able to generate new ideas in terms of providing a solution.