Interim Management

Interim Management

Executive Resources was formed to provide interim management services of the highest standard. We are independent of industry sectors and are able to meet the requirements of clients in the public or private sectors. At present, we have a pool of highly qualified and experienced talents that are able to fill the requirements for a variety of management roles.

In addition, we are able to reinforce this belief with feedbacks and reviews given during and after each assignment. Feedback of the productivity and contributions of Executive Resources’ interims indicate that they provide better value than a staff member, given that they require no training and carry no staff overhead costs. We also know that they are able to add value from day one by their ability to integrate in a short space of time and bring their strengths to you without delay. They are there, in effect, to work themselves out of a job, and thus cost is more predictable and controllable.

Quality and Reliability

There would be little value in bringing in an interim unless you have complete trust in their abilities and professionalism. At Executive Resources, we understand these concerns and use a rigorous selection process to maintain highly experienced and adaptable people on our register. Our interims are interviewed in depth, assessed and fully referenced prior to being placed on our register. We assess their skills, experience and character so that we can be confident that they will step into any interim assignment in their stride and achieve the results in the shortest time.

Value Proposition

We value that this process not only provides assurance for our client base, but also for our interims, who continue to be motivated and challenged with the selection of assignments we are able to continuously offer them. With this process, you get a perfect match when you need them and for as long as your assignment lasts.